Who are we?

Customer Centric
Co-Creation is our
North Star.

The Ideas Project is an insights-driven strategic consultancy that works with brand teams across healthcare, consumer, and technology on domestic and global projects. Our aim is to truly understand the emotional and rational drivers of your customers, and place their voice and experience at the heart of new product planning and brand development.

Customer-Centric Co-Creation is our North Star. Whether working internally to bring clarity and consensus, externally to problem-solve, or in turning great insights into strategy, co-creation is the common thread in everything we do. It’s what empowers our clients to make truly customer-centric business decisions.

What makes us different?

Guided by the principles of customer-centric co-creation, we aim to bridge the gap between insights and strategy by bringing internal and external stakeholders together to build solutions. It is this focus and passion for collaborative learning and problem-solving that drives everything we do.

Above all it frames how we think about our project recommendations and next steps. We strive to inspire commercial teams to buy in to the customer centric strategy they co-create with their customers and take ownership implementing it.
Our aim is to make the leap to action more like a step.

Collaboration and problem solving is central to our insight generation process
We see our methodologies as opportunities to actively problem solve with your customers and not as passive question and answer sessions with respondent robots. It’s a subtle difference but one that changes the dynamic of how we approach insights generation and the outputs we provide
We look to build relationships with our participants, where we can really understand not just their rational but emotional needs and partner with them ‘in the moment’ to identify solutions that are truly customer centric
We want to tale our deliverables further than static PowerPoint, delivering engaging and creative outputs that inspire interest and excitement, standing the test of time

How can we help you?

We work in three primary areas: Customer Insight, Customer Experience and Brand Development.

Customer Insight

Customer Insight

We can help you understand your competitive space, what makes your customers tick and help you to co-create an effective value story

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We can help you understand your customer’s journey and co-create solutions that will fulfill their needs and overcome their challenges or improve the user experience

Brand Development

Brand Development

We can help you co-create engaging and memorable (un)branded messaging and touchpoints

Learn about us?

Introducing the senior management team.

We’re a team of insights professionals who have spent their academic and professional careers exploring the emotional and rational drivers of human behavior and how these influence decision-making. We draw from the latest behavioral and social science to inform our thinking, integrating this with our co-creation approaches to develop tailored solutions for our clients and their customers.

Team Member
Founding Partners

The Ideas Project senior leadership team is made up of Rachel and Guy who collectively bring 30+ years of experience in helping clients across industries integrate the voice of the customer into strategic decision making. As a team, they bring their own respective strengths to ensure seamlessly run projects that deliver to your key business needs - including a commitment to teamwork, passion for creativity and innovation, and prioritization of your commercial needs and customer experience.

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